Wellbeing and sustainability

We value regionality, quality and seasonality

In the last 1.5 years, we have increasingly focused on our immediate surroundings in all areas of life. The topic of nutrition, food quality and the question of where our daily food comes from and how it was produced have become even more of a focus



Our commitment

Regional purchasing

We are proud to be able to offer you the best products of our region and are committed to sustainability and environmental awareness with heart and soul. Our suppliers and products are carefully selected according to these criteria. If you would like to learn more about our high-quality, regional products, we invite you to take a look at our Sustainability Report, where you will find detailed information about our sustainability partners, their stories and the production processes behind the delicacies.


Fair Job Hotel

For our company, creating and maintaining excellent working conditions for our employees and ensuring excellent training for the trainees who are entrusted to us are top priorities.



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We firmly believe that satisfied and well-trained employees are at the heart of a successful company. Therefore, our trainees visit the farms of our regional partners, where they gain a deeper insight into the origin of our products and sustainable production.


In order to bette runderstand the needs of our employeese and to ensure their satisfaction, we conduct annual employee surveys. In this way, we identify potentioal for improvement and can work specifically to optimize our busuness areas.


Always keeping an eye on the health of our employees, we regularly organize health days and an annual event for preventative health care, for more performance and well-being in everyday work.


As a Fair Job Hotel, we sensitize our employees. We raise awareness of sustainable action and joint solution on how we as a company can make a positive contribution to the enviroment.

Tree Action

The Tree Action Platform is based on three action areas These areas of action are all closely interlinked In this way, the organization supports research and science in order to gain insights into which tree species cope with the effects of climate change They only plant trees after having spoken to the local foresters and authorities and if they can support them in their daily work with their actions Their planting actions are of great value in the field of education in cooperation with schools, they generate awareness among young people and make knowledge about forests come to life


Each room cleaning costs resources (electricity, gas, water, staff, cleaning products etc.) Therefore we donate € 5 to this organisation for each room that did not have to be cleaned.

Waste Management

Sustainable waste management is a central component of our corporate philosophy in order to make a positive contribution to the environment. To achieve this goal, we rely on a variety of measures to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly management of our waste streams.

Efficient waste tracking and analysis

One of our central tools is the tracking of annual waste volumes. By accurately recording and analyzing this data, we can identify progress in waste management and take targeted measures to reduce waste. This transparent approach enables us to work continuously on improvement.

Consistent waste separation and recycling

Another key aspect is strict waste separation in all areas of our company. We work hard to ensure that all recyclable materials such as plastic, glass, paper and metal are collected separately. Through this consistent waste separation, we promote the recycling and reuse of raw materials and make an active contribution to environmental protection. Residual waste that cannot be recycled is responsibly taken to the City of Düsseldorf's incineration plant. In doing so, we ensure that emissions and impact on the environment are kept as low as possible. To reduce paper consumption, we consistently relied on digitization measures and internal communication tools. In this way, we avoid unnecessary paper waste and contribute to the conservation of resources. In those areas where the use of paper is unavoidable, we use 100% recycled paper.

Sustainable tableware management

We are also taking innovative approaches in the area of tableware management. Our to-go tableware consists of 100% compostable materials. In this way, we ensure that no unnecessary disposable packaging pollutes the environment, even when we are on the road. Thanks to our partnership with Refood, our food waste is not simply disposed of, as the organic residue is recycled into environmentally friendly energy.

Zero Plastic Initiative

With our Zero Plastic initiative, we are taking another step towards sustainability. To reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste, we have decided to remove all single-use plastic items from our rooms and public areas. This means that disposable drinking bottles, non-recyclable plastic bags, straws and other disposable products are no longer found in our hotel. Instead, we rely on sustainable alternatives to minimize our environmental impact.


We've also said goodbye to traditional small cosmetic bottles, replacing them with high-quality, refillable dispensers from the Grown Alchemist brand. These dispensers contain eco-friendly and biodegradable skincare products that not only protect the environment, but also provide a luxurious experience.

Air quality

The health and well-being of our guests is our top priority. Therefore, we are committed to using the best technologies to ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The ionization system is a milestone in air purification technology and allows us to filter harmful particles, allergens and germs from the air.


As a member of the Considerate Collection of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, we are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences and unforgettable hospitality.  Additionally in partnership with the Virtuoso Sustainability Community, we are proud to offer our guests unique experiences that not only engage their senses, but also respect and protect our precious environment.


A special aspect of our business is our membership in Fair Job Hotels, where we have been a pioneer from the beginning. We firmly believe that our employees are at the heart of our success. Therefore, we ensure that they are treated fairly and benefit from an environment that fosters their professional and personal development.


Our social commitment is characterized above all by regular support for various social projects in the region. One valuable initiative is the weekly delivery of meals to two charitable projects.