Breidenbacher Hof goes social

Focus on social projects: We are committed to sustainability and community

Our social commitment is characterized above all by our regular support for various social projects in the region. One valuable initiative is the weekly food delivery to two charitable projects. The aim is to provide people in difficult life situations with a warm and nutritious meal. The food deliveries not only provide essential food, but also a gesture of solidarity and compassion. The cooperation with Harry Winston also has a very special value for us. In the run-up to Christmas, we work together to create an unforgettable experience for the children of the SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf, as this collaboration not only provides the children with material gifts, but also moments of joy and happiness.

A hotel
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Working together on social projects

Wish Tree

The „SOS Kinderdorf “ Düsseldorf helps children in need to live safe and secure in a family environment. Children who are unable to grow up in their own families for various reasons live in home communities with a caregiver and several siblings as if they were a real family. During Christmas Time we provide those children with Christmas presents, bought by our hotel guests. The „Wish Tree“ is a cooperation between Harry Winston Jewelry and the Breidenbacher Hof.


The clients of Flingern Mobil use the facility on Charlottenstrasse to refresh themselves with a meal and to have a conversation with social workers in a quiet environment. In order to help, Flingern Mobil provides hygiene and washing facilities and medical care as well as legal advice once a week. The aim is to meet the basic needs of the homeless or drug dependent people, to support them in their difficult life situation and to accompany them on their way out of the scene. We support this institution with 70 portions of hot food every Wednesday.


Every fourth child in Düsseldorf is poor. A number you can hardly believe and even less want to believe. But because it is unfortunately true, the Düsseldorfer Tafel e.V. launched the first children’s table in the city in summer 2007. Since then, with support from various sides, they have ensured that needy school children get a hot lunch every day. The Breidenbacher Hof supports this organization with a donation of money once or twice a year.


In 1998, nine committed Düsseldorfers founded the association „Poor & Rich at one table e.V. V.“ with the aim of helping socially disadvantaged people and to offer homeless and culturally isolated people the opportunity to participate in cultural life again and to be integrated into society. It is important that citizens receive support in their worries and needs and that they are given a piece of quality in life. The Breidenbacher Hof supports this organization with a donation of money once or twice a year.


Aim: - preserve the individual way of life of people who are lonely and / or need physical or mental support - support independence of day guests - maintain existing skills of day guests - ensure that they can remain at home for as long as possible - support caring relatives. Once a year we organize a dinner event for the residents to give them the feeling of spending an evening at the Breidenbacher Hof.


Each room cleaning costs resources (electricity, gas, water, staff, cleaning products etc.) Therefore we donate € 5 to this organisation for each room that did not have to be cleaned. The Tree Action Platform is based on three action areas These areas of action are all closely interlinked In this way, the organization supports research and science in order to gain insights into which tree species cope with the effects of climate change They only plant trees after having spoken to the local foresters and authorities and if they can support them in their daily work with their actions Their planting actions are of great value in the field of education in cooperation with schools, they generate awareness among young people and make knowledge about forests come to life. We started this cooperation in August 2023.


The Trebe Café is a contact point for girls and young women, whose focal point is on the street. They need support, advice, rest and protection. At Trebe Café they have the opportunity to leave behind their difficult everyday life for a few hours. Thehousiny can have a rest, eat, change clothes and above all find an open ear for their problems. Social workers assist with job or housing search and support in contact with their parents. We support this institution with 20 portions of hot food every Wednesday as well as a donation of money once a year.


Guests Visiting Wellant Apples and Madeira Potatoes Farm in Düsseldorf
Our apple orchards at the close-by farm Gut Diepensiepen
Executive Chef, Phillip Ferber in Gut Diepensiepen Farm
Executive Chef Philipp Ferber looking after our very own apples and potatoes
The farm Gut Diepensiepen where the happy farmer Christian Benninghoven lives

Support your local community

It is our very own special commitment to sustainability. Wherever possible, we seek
partnerships with local producers and businesses to contribute our fair share to society.