Milestone birthday parties. Stylish dinners in your home. Laidback summer barbeques or grand festivities. We can bring any private or corporate event in and around Düsseldorf to life by offering you the best catering in Düsseldorf. Starting with an initial consultation, our dedicated events planner takes every element of your vision into account, from the setting and soundtrack to the canapés and cocktails. With delicious food from chef Phillip Ferber, as well as attentive and professional staff to serve your guests, you’re free to relax, enjoy the party – and be the perfect host.

Waiter Serving Champaign at a Catering Service by Breidenbacher Hof
Desserts at Breidenbacher Hof Duesseldorf
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Under the open sky or in 19th century castle

Serving Wine at a Party Serviced by Breidenbacher Hof Duesseldorf


Wide blue skies. A gentle breeze coming off the water. Laughter and the clinking of glasses. The banks of the Rhine make a stunning setting for any occasion, allowing you to ‘escape to the country’ while in the middle of the city. Host a celebratory family picnic or a casual business barbeque. Gather for stylish cocktails as the sun goes down. Whatever your event, our experienced team will put your wishes into action.

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