Well-being and Sustainability

We value regionality, quality and seasonality

In the last 1.5 years, we have increasingly focused on our immediate surroundings in all areas of life. The topic of nutrition, food quality and the question of where our daily food comes from and how it was produced have become even more of a focus.


In the process of focusing on these topics, we discovered that there is an abundance of passionate and dedicated farmers and producers in the Lower Rhine region, who create excellent sustainable products. In extensive personal meetings, we experienced their stories, passion and motivation, which immediately captivated us. We now source many high quality, local and seasonal products from these partnerships. Handling these on a daily basis has increased our joy and appreciation for food even beyond our usual levels.


We are now driven to explore our regional farms in search of the best potatoes, the tastiest milk or the freshest eggs. We are incredibly proud to know our farmers personally, to learn about their animals and plants and to become a part of this community.

EarthCheck promise

Earth Check


We are proud to be part of the EarthCheck program and have reached Silver Status thus far with the aim to reach Gold Level in the near future.


Social commitment

Our social commitment is particularly evident in our regular support for various social projects in the region. One particularly valuable initiative is the weekly delivery of meals to two charitable projects. The main aim is to provide a warm and nutritious meal to people who find themselves in difficult life situations. These food deliveries not only provide essential supplies, but are also a gesture of solidarity and compassion.

Our commitment to sustainability

Philipp Ferber
Executive Chef

"Appreciation is defined as appreciating the value of a product. We share this conviction with our exclusive regional partners and also convey this through our cooperation on site. We particularly value transparency and traceable origins, suitable and species-specific conditions, excellent feed, quality over quantity, and respectful handling and processing of produce!"