Make memories and experience extraordinary service with us

At Breidenbacher Hof, we live and breathe the art of hospitality. From hand-written notes to our Personal Assitant service, expertly mixed cocktails to tailored spa treatments, we pride ourselves on curating unique experiences for every guest who steps through our doors. So, while you’re here, you’ll feel perfectly at home. And when you leave, you’ll take precious memories with you.


One of Germany’s most luxurious hotels


A landmark that has survived the test of time. Over 200 years have passed since Breidenbacher Hof first opened its doors. Surviving war and financial hardship, by the end of the 19th century our hotel was at the heart of Düsseldorf's society. An important meeting place for painters, sculptors, authors and great thinkers, its reputation for fine hospitality continues to this day.

Breidenbacher Hof today

our philosophy

It is a microcosm in itself set within a vibrant city environment. An urban resort that brings everything together under one roof, retail, food and beverage, hotel rooms, a spa, a medical and wellness clinic and private event spaces. For those who seek a home away from home.

We are

Individual but not inflexible
Unique but not aloof
Caring but not fawning
Honest but not brutal
Exclusive but not snobbish
Healthy but not abstinent
Experiential but not gimmicky
Joyous but not forced
Foodie but not faddy
Experts but never bores
Düsseldorfers but also global

We are not ...

One size fits all

but not abstinent

Our apple orchards at the close-by farm Gut Diepensiepen
Executive Chef Philipp Ferber looking after our very own apples and potatoes
The farm Gut Diepensiepen where the happy farmer Christian Benninghoven lives

Support your local community

It is our very own special commitment to sustainability. Wherever possible, we seek
partnerships with local producers and businesses to contribute our fair share to society.