Josef Hinkel’s bread is known far and wide in north west Germany. Join him for a stroll around the traditional food market at Carlsplatz before a behind-the-scenes tour of his family-run bakery – and learn a few secret baker’s tips to take home.

For history buffs and food lovers alike wondering what to see in Düsseldorf; Flour runs in Josef’s veins. His great-grandparents, Jean and Katharina Hinkel, first opened their bakery in 1891, and Josef still bakes ‘printen’ (a special kind of gingerbread) using their original recipe. Today, he oversees the two family-run bakeries in downtown Düsseldorf, and can often be seen waving a cheery ‘hello’ as he cycles to the market with fresh loaves of bread each morning.

Baker Josef Cycling with Fresh Loaves of Bread
Special Gingerbread by The Baker's Stroll
Join Josef for a stroll around the traditional food market at Carls Platz before a private tour of his famous bakery, where he’ll give you a fascinating insight into the life of a baker – and may even teach you how to make the perfect bread roll…

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